An interesting discussion about Saffron

Saffron is one of the most expensive things on this planet. The flavor of this food is unique.It finds its application in the food industry for its flavor and rich color. There are various saffron producer countries. Their style of growing, picking, drying, and processing theorganic saffron is different from each other. Thus the final product also varies.

organic saffron

Explanation regarding high price of saffron

Saffron actually comes from the stamens of a flower called crocus which requires extreme care and maintenance. The yielding of saffron threads is a careful process.The flower with the stamen blooms for only 7 days in a year. Each of these flowers contains 3 stamens. The stamen can only be hand-picked and dried with care. Delicacy is vital in saffron processing. As no machine can be used in the process hence labor required is substantially more. 1 gram of saffron requires nearly 150 flowers to be produced. This is the reason saffron prices grow up making it one of the most expensive food. The harvesters also do not earn much from this.

Purchasing saffron the right way

The market is flooded with various types of saffron. Some are of high quality while some are comparatively less price. But when talking about real saffron they are sure to be costly. The source of buying saffron should be reliable. Saffron online is a good option in present days but one must be sure about the source. The main thing is one should collect information about the source of organic saffron being a costly thing can get one ripped or can hurt the pocket badly.

All will want to buy saffron produced by the country from where it originally originates. Saffron is said to originate from Iran.

The color of Iranian origin is deep red. But this saffron is banned from being exported to the international market. Moreover cultivating it is much for difficult than the others.

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