Is money the most important thing in life?

Perhaps it is

Is money the most important thing in life? People will gladly say that it is not but the truth of our world would prove otherwise. They say that things like love and happiness and joy are things that can never be bought by money but the truth is that these things might not be able to be bought directly via money but they are certainly made easier to procure if you do have the money. It is true that money can only help you with material pursuits and happiness but these material pursuits can lead to a lot of joy and luxury that always has you in a happy mood.


Money is the most basic and essential of all commodities and is required to purchase everything else making it the king of everything. It is only money that can help you get the things that you have long desired to own. It is even possible to spread a lot of joy using money as well as we can spend it for the benefits and the needs of others and spread a smile. Perhaps saying money is the most important thing in life might not be the most apt way to put it but in simple words, the truth is that money is the backbone of everything and it is required to purchase everything else. Money can be used to purchase luxuries that leads to your happiness and although money might not be directly related to happiness but it certainly makes happiness easier to find. So do not be shy to admit that you love money and that you are always on the lookout to make more and more of it.

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