Some power yoga postures that can assist you in achieving weight loss goals:

If your goal is to lose weight with power yoga, then some of the asana as highlighted below can help you achieved your desired weigh loss goal or alternatively visit for further details.

Basic squats: The “Surya Namaskar” is always advised as a warm up before commencing any yoga asana. The “Utkatasana” refers to simple squatting that helps tone your thigh muscles. The asana focuses on squatting down half way and getting up. While performing the exercise, the technique of inhaling and exhaling should be maintained appropriately while sitting down and rising up.

Downward dog to half plank variation pose: refers to a yoga pose known to strengthen the core. Raising your legs high up towards the ceiling and getting it forward makes you tighten the abdominal muscles, thereby toning them well.


Downward dog to small dog pose: in this position, you are required to perform small bends along with inhaling and exhaling. This pose is also good for flexing and toning the leg and abdominal muscles.

Small dog to plank pose: is a yoga posture that makes your shoulder muscles stronger while strengthening your core. This pose is a great way to tone your body and is quite effective if your aim is to lose weight.

Standing to leg raise pose: Lifting both legs, one at a time towards the ceiling and inhaling in the process is an excellent pose for weight loss and toning muscles in the mid-section. It works well on the knees, thighs and engages the entire lower body.

Abdominal churning pose: This particular pose helps strengthen and tone the lower body. It burns fat around the hip region and tones up the belly. The breathing pattern is very important during the clockwise and anti-clockwise rotations.

The Markat asana: provides an effective twist to the back and stretches back muscles. Alternatively twisting one leg over the other alternative one in this asana helps relieve stress if any in your back.

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